EXCLUSIVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Posters


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pretty much all I need to say apart from COWABUNGA DUDES!!

Here are some epicly awesome motion posters!



NEW Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster Released

A new poster for Guardians Of The Galaxy has arrived online, revealing some incredible artwork.

Check out the poster below!

The movie will be coming out in the UK on 1 August 2014.


R.I.P.D. – Movie Review


I remember reading reviews of this movie before even watching the film. Not to find out whether it was going to be a good or bad movie, but because I wondered what critics were saying about the movie. The objective was to see whether the movie was being thrown over in the critiques, even if the movie was in fact a good watch. What I found out was pretty much that. About 90% of the movie reviews I had read or seen, had slaughtered the movie, saying it was a rip-off or saying that it was badly made, or just not very well written.
I’m not going to judge the ‘rip-off’ sections of the movie because although there were rather substantial elements, including the soundtrack and the sets of the headquarters, that were quite similar to the Men In Black movies, I was taken aback by how well the story was plotted out and portrayed. If they were to have made the movie without the dead elements, it would tell pretty much the same story, with bad guys wanting to take over the world, rogue police officers and a comedic cop duo.
What I will say though, is that the script could have had more work put into it, following maybe only one or two genre’s and not a dozen. I loved how the characters were portrayed to the audience as one set of people, but to everyone else, they looked like a supermodel and old chinese guy. Apart from the script, the movie didn’t really leave anything to the imagination, as we were thrown into the characters backstory and every other aspect of the Reynolds characters bio before the film had really begun. It would have been nice for a little more regular storyline with a few hints here and there, followed by the big reveal, with some more easing into the story, instead of throwing it in our faces.
I didn’t like how the scene was done where Reynolds character watches his funeral. It could have been done better, but having the interaction of the living characters and Reynolds character was very amusing, as I expected them to make it so that no-one could see or hear him.
Despite what critics may say though, this movie is actually quite a good watch. I’m not saying it’s the most amazing movie ever, but it has a great concept with some epic special effects. If you haven’t checked it out yet and want a movie to watch that isn’t too much of a head rush, but keeps you excited and entertained, then choose R.I.P.D.
I wouldn’t be suprised if there was to be a sequel in cinemas within the next few years.

NEW Images Released For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


In the first image, Eva Green is looking the part, her body hidden by whisps of white smoke.

In the other two images that were released, Josh Brolin and Jessica Alba are shown as their characters in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

The film is taking up it’s original design concept again of black and white. Hopefully there are a lot of red splashes within the film too, like in the first.

The sequel will be shot in 3D, which Robert Rodriguez is excited about, because he wants to push the visuals further than ever before.

“The first Sin City was such an experiment,” says Rodriguez. “We weren’t sure what audiences would accept, because it was just completely different. They liked it, so I could push it forward and do more of what I wanted the first time.”

Let’s just hope that the sequel is as good as the first, if not, even better.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez
Co-starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis.
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will be released in the UK on 29th August 2014



Lego Movie Sequel Bumped Back For Ninjago?


With The LEGO Movie doing astronomically well in the cinemas, it’s hard to believe that Warner would hesitate on scripting a sequel.
It may be possible that they have though, to make way for a Ninjago movie.
The reason behind this odd move?
Warner only has rights to one Lego Movie sequel, whicb from there onwards, Lego and the producers are free to get another studio to work on the films. If Warner decide to take on Ninjago into their studios too, however, it will strengthen the links between them and Lego and create a more likely opportunity for Lego to stay with them.
The question hits us though, will Njnjago be better than The LEGO Movie or will it be a terrible move for the studio?
The script writers that have penned something for Ninjago already, have expressed their worries about the movie, saying that due to the success of The LEGO Movie,
“It set the bar really high for the franchise”.
Another question that arises, does The LEGO Movie really need a sequel?
In the eyes of many, it’s pointless. Yes, there would be laughs and there would be the excitement, but it would probably create less of both that the first movie did and if not planned out properly, could kill people’s love for the movies or even the franchise.
Whichever movie comes first, it looks safe to say that the little yellow people are here to stay.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Releases Two New Images

With Wolverine in both images, it seems he is going to be the go-between past and future events.

Standing alongside young Xavier and Magneto, as well as Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in the first image and then in the second he is pictured lying on his back, with Beast hanging from the ceiling above him.

From what we have seen so far, this movie seems like it will be a massive hit with fans. It’s going to be epic!



5 Iron Man Movie Facts


The Roadster that Tony Stark worked on is asctually owned by director Jon Favreau.

The sound used during a target lock in Iron Man’s heads up display is the sound of the laser cannon in the original Space Invaders game.

Most of the exterior scenes set in Afghanistan were filmed in Olancha Sand Dunes. The crew had to endure two days of 40-60mph winds.

The Iron Man Mark 1 armour weighed 90 pounds.

Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise were interested in playing Iron Man. Cruise in particular was going to act in and produce the film.