The Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Movie Review


This being a film that I wasn’t very interested in seeing, I found it to be moderately interesting. That’s not to say though, that if I was interested in seeing it, that I would have found it to be any different. The film itself I was just able to bear. The CGI was done well on the majority of the film too. The characters were the same old, same old. There was a particularly strange love interest in there, that seemed almost like they just put it there to entice audiences into watching it. That being said, they did well to convey a sense of love between the two. The plotline, however, was something that anyone would have guessed and everyone probably did. I know I did.
The usual plotline for a superhero film is that the good guys are having a good time, living life. The bad guys are shown plotting something. The good guys aren’t any the wiser and then the bad guys show up, causing mayhem. There’s a love interest somewhere, which subsequently gets messed with by the bad guys in some way or another. The good guys and bad guys fight in some big battle and the good guys struggle to survive the attack. After almost all hope is lost, the good guys miraculously manage to save the day. They all live happily ever after.
There… that about sums up the usual comic book film, and to be fair, the majority of almost any film with a hero and a villain.
I never understood the fascination of films that are so similar, like comic book films. They’re great for entertainment purposes, but that’s about it. I’m not saying it was a terrible film, because it wasn’t. It just wasn’t that great… especially with all the hype that surrounded the film.
A big flaw I found with the CGI in this film however, was at the very start when they’re all racing through the snowy forest. A few of the soldiers are being thrown about and it all looks incredibly fake. The CGI just looked bad. They spent money and effort making the rest of the film look superb, which paid off, but it’s just that scene that is a let down for me. Even some of the Avengers aren’t terribly well done.
As for the acting, among others, James Spader as Ultron was great and so was Paul Bettany as Jarvis.
If you’re a Marvel fan, or love comic book/superhero movies, or even if you just want some entertainment for a few hours, then this a good film to go and watch.
One of my favourite posters of the film is below



Now You See Me – Movie Review


Eisenberg, Harrelson, Fisher and Franco. The new magician thieves on the block, out to blast the socks off whoever may come across them.
Starting out as a fairly well known magician and his past assistant, a magician that had the magic world leave him behind until he caught up with it again, and also a guy who pickpockets and creates little illusions. The four are happy living their own lives, until an individual tarot card lands right into their hands. The meaning of the cards is very inconcise, portrayed very slowly throughout the last half of the film and going slower than a snail on wet tar. Apart from this, the cards get them together, to take on the roles of The Four Horsemen, who have to deal with enormous feats of magic and try to astound the public, whilst evading the Police as they navigate their way through a maze of different heist style maneouvres which doubles as a type of initiation process for getting them accepted for “The Eye”. The four steal money from a bank in France, which, throughout the film, the Police are tracking the Horsemen for, finding the hardest possible ways of working out what their next steps are, getting more and more frustrated all the while.
This movie may surprise you in some aspects, including the fact that they made the characters so unbelievably unrealistic. Eisenberg’s character is as arrogant as ever and Fisher is putting her assets to work in all the tight outfits the wardrobe department decided she should wear. With Michael Caine paying for them to be at every show, confusingly acting like a manager, but then not being one…or something…and then with Morgan Freeman being the guy who debunks the magic tricks of hard working magicians, causing them to try new illusions, killing themselves out of premature readiness, the quartet have little work to do to confuse the audiences that watch this film.
Yes, it may be quite a good film, but with too many plot points and some massive twists, it becomes too much and blurs the lines of what the film was meant to be, which is four magicians stealing millions of dollars from banks and well off people.

Overall, this is a film I would normally recommend to people, highly, but this time it doesn’t live up to the hype once all is said and done…or watched and done in this instance. The film is amazing from the aspect that it makes you think of how they did the magic tricks, but did you go to see the film for that or for watching a good film that had tricks in it. Would you sit through a boring documentary just to see the one part you did want to see? Probably not, unless you have Sky+.

All in all, in my opinion, for a movie with wild light shows, fantastic film versions of illusions and some very intricate plotlines and ridiculous twists that would confuddle even the smartest genius that thinks himself as something of a columbo, it’s quite good. Well, I really enjoyed it when I didn’t think about disecting every second of the movie.
Take a chance, check it out and leave a leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

There is so much more than meets the eye.

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