LUCY – Movie Review


Having been a squeamish person for most of my life, I tend to find that sometimes it gets the better of me, especially when watching something gory. “LUCY” was no exception. From the outset, there is multiple scenes of blood and gore. This started to wean about mid-way through the film though. When I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, I loved the movie! It wasn’t entirely what I was expecting, but I was in awe with the end scenes. They were very impressively executed and really shaped what the film had been about. For most of the movie, it had felt like there wasn’t really an objective or “mission”…even though ‘Lucy’ kept repeating that she was on a mission. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting this movie down, it was exceptional and I would probably buy it on DVD…I just think that the movie would have been better with less graphical ‘bloody’ scenes.
Despite everything that I’ve mentioned, the movie also explored all forms of nature, giving the film a factual element which really brought it to life. The earlier scenes with Morgan Freeman really teach you something about science and human nature, and nature in general. It informed you, at the same time as the special effects leaving you stunned. There’s one scene in the latter half of the movie, where ‘Lucy’ uses her abilities to ‘travel’…that’s all I’m saying… it’s a beautifully thought out work of art. They also did a great job at depicting what the scenery would have looked like.
I also loved how they compared human behaviour to animalistic behaviour, interspersing shots of the wild into tension packed scenes.
Would I recommend this movie? Yes! A massive yes, in fact. Just be warned though, if you are squeamish, this movie will most likely affect you.
This is 100% a must-see!


Ian McKellen To Play Sherlock Holmes


Bill Condon, the Director of the Wikileaks drama The Fifth State, has revealed that his next project will be a Sherlock Holmes one. He will direct A Slight Trick Of The Mind with Ian McKellen as the starring role, as an aging Sherlock Holmes.

The film is going to be written by Jeffrey Hatcher (The Duchess) and is based on Mitch Cullin’s novel of the same name.

In the book, Holmes is 93 years old and it’s set in 1947. He has long been retired and been beekeeping. He has slowly deteriorated into not being able to remember things like he used to. Believing that the royal jelly from the bees is part of the secret of him still being on this planet, has taken him to post-war Japan. He encounters the son of a former British diplomat who knew Holmes and disappeared at the start of the war. Holmes doesn’t remember the man, but knows that there is a case to be solved.

By the time that we see Sherlock, it has been a long time since his case solving days and as time progresses, people will obviously pass away, which is what has happened to his faithful sidekick, Dr Watson. In the story, he has long been gone. However, the original novel brought about the timelime of three periods in Sherlocks life, the Sussex part, when he went to Japan and then a time when he was still an active consulting detective in 1902. He would have been investigating The Case Of The Glass Armonicist, which presumably Dr Watson would be helping him on.

“Mitch Cullin’s elegiac novel is not so much about solving a mystery, as it is about accepting life’s mysteries,” believes Anne Carey (Archer Gray Productions), “I could not be more excited about the talent who have come together to make this film a reality.”

Shooting starts in the UK next April.
Between now and then though, watch out for the new Hobbit film, coming in December, which will hold the strangest of sites. Bilbo Baggins is played by Martin Freeman (Dr Watson), Gandalf by Ian McKellen (Sherlock) and Smaug/Necromancer by Benedict Cumberbatch! We can expect a lot of sleuthing talk going on at the set. If we had Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Robert Downey Jr. or Jude Law there too then it would be a mass Sherlock convention!

Another Godzilla Poster Revealed!


This poster is a little more mysterious than the last and shows what at first would look like rubble from a natural disaster, but at closer looks is actually a hidden image of the monster himself.

It has been said that at the San Diego Comic Con, they will be revealing some footage, so if you are anywhere near Comic Con, or if you are going, make sure you don’t miss it!


The movie poster for Gareth Edwards’ Gozilla has been made public. Talk about a massive creature…one made from a bomb so atomic that it devastated Hiroshima.
This is only the tail of the beast, so how big would the entire monster be? Check it out for yourself below!


Godzilla Encounter Site Goes Viral


A new viral marketing xampaign was launched, for the new Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla film, sparking a ton of media gossip. Posts were submitted to the site at first, as if they were true encounters with unknown phenomenon such as “black icebergs” in the ocean and so on. Other posts then came about historic events which lead up to the movie’s monster arrival. Events such as the Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima being one of them, throwing out there the idea that Godzilla is “the son of the Atomic Bomb”.
The site seemed to be leading up to the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, which started yesterday, announcing the arrival of the monster at the event with this post:
“A gigantic atomic creature has attacked San Diego. We repeat, a gigantic atomic creature has attacked San Diego.”
Will this movie live up to all the hype and the reputation that the last film had on the Film Industry? Will it land with a boom? Or will it just look like a terrible remake or an idea that someone got from watching ‘Pacific Rim’. The monster crashing through the bridge in that film and the one in the original Godzilla movie leaves quite an uncanny resemblance. Maybe the ‘Pacific Rim’ creators were going for that effect in the first place. “Let’s make the monster similar to Godzilla!”

So, if you want to check out the Godzilla Encounter site for yourself, click the link below.

Directed by Gareth Edwards.
Co-starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.
Godzilla will open in the US and UK on 16 May 2014.