The Age Of Adaline – Movie Review



Absolutely beautiful. Everything about this movie is just perfect. The casting is especially phenomenal. Not only because Adaline is played superbly by Blake Lively and Ellis is played amazingly by Michiel Huisman, but also because of the spot-on casting of Anthony Ingruber as a young William Jones, who has an uncanny resemblance to Harrison Ford… who plays the older William Jones. Ford is superb as William Jones, showing emotion that I haven’t seen from him in a long time.

Adaline is a young woman, who never ages a day more than where fate stepped in and caused a terrible accident, which saw her car veer off the road in a snowstorm and end up in water. The narrating throughout the film, especially in this scene, is a beautiful addition to the film and goes hand in hand with the cinematography on screen. After Adaline’s heart stops, lightning strikes her car, acting as a defibrillator. The lightning also did something else. It caused her to live forever, to always remain 29 years old.

We first meet Adaline in modern day, at which point she has a her own fluffy King Charles Spaniel. We get glimpses at the rest of her life throughout the film. First, we start looking at smaller moments in her life and then at larger and more detailed moments. The relationship between Adaline and William is a particular and very large portion of the film’s flashbacks. As Adaline’s daughter grows older, it becomes apparent that Adaline isn’t ageing, and we find out how Adaline was able to deal with this. We also see love blossom and grow between Adaline and a new man in her life, Ellis. Playing hard to get, Adaline doesn’t allow Ellis into her life at first, before her daughter (who’s looks physically older than her) convinces her to say yes to starting a relationship with Ellis. This relationship flows throughout the film, blooming and romantic, until one day, she meets his parents. This in itself is difficult, but then Adaline has the added problem that one of his parents is someone from her past.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I did notice, however, that in one particular scene, the film slightly differs to the trailer. That’s the only bad thing that I thought I would mention. Other than that, the film is absolutely perfect!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

Harrison Ford Injured On Set Of Star Wars


Whilst at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire starting his work on the new Star Wars movie, Harrison Ford received an injury after a hydraulic door hit him in the ankle.

After he hit the ground from being in pain, medics checked him over and thought it best to take him to the hospital.

An air ambulance then took Ford to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford where they are checking him for other injuries as well as a suspected ankle injury and possibly chest injuries.

Seeing as Ford is unable to work, it’s safe to say that although the movie is still going ahead and being filmed, it may be pushed back to make way for the rest of Fords filming when he returns.

Let’s just hope the movie doesn’t get pushed back, and if it does, then not by much!

Disney Makes Indiana Jones Deal


After gaining Lucasfilm a year ago, Disney have been working on getting their hands on the rights to distribute any new Indiana Jones movie. After Friday’s talks, they have finally acquired the rights.

The meeting that they had was a quiet one, with not many people speaking about it, due to the fact that they didn’t want it bringing big rumours of a fifth movie in the franchise. There hasn’t been any kind of news on a fifth, but now that Disney have acquired the rights, there is sure to be some Indy film talk in the future. Especially seeing as Paramount has still got hold of the rights to the previous four films and it still has financial participation in future films made and released. They are surely not going to be passing up the opportunity to bring Indy out on another adventure.

Antonio Banderas & Mel Gibson In EXPENDABLES 3?!


Will he be a bad guy or one of the good old guys? No word as yet, but it has been revealed that he will star in the film. All we know is that big guns and explosions will be involved.

Apparently Mel Gibson has been confirmed too, playing the villain of the movie.

Harrison Ford has been signed on as well, after Bruce Willis was disputing his fee.

Directed by Patrick Hughes.

The Expendables 3 will open in the UK on 15 August 2014