Grimsby – Movie Review

Having been a little while since I’d seen a film for the fun of it at the cinema, I went to see Grimsby… I have to admit that I hadn’t wanted to see it in the first place though. After the trailers that I had watched, it seemed okay, but only mainly because of the Spy elements of the film. The “Grimsby” areas of the film seemed very over the top and nothing like what Grimsby actually is like. I’ve been there before and it’s quite a lovely little town and definitely not that bad, living-wise. There probably are areas that are that bad, but they make out in the film, as if Grimsby is all like that, whereas it’s not.

Without putting a damper on anyone’s plans on going to see this film, as you may enjoy it… I really didn’t like it. But that’s just because it was somewhat weird, revolting in places and very offensive to watch in places. I don’t think I have ever said that about a film that I’ve seen yet, but it was tragic. Yes, the Spy elements of the film where fantastic and the brothers’ relationship was great, but the rest of the film just didn’t quite work. It seemed like two films put together, one of which was like a spin off of something like Kingsman and the other being a mash of random things that made no sense together and seemed to try to cause the most offence that it ever could. A note about one aspect of the film… they seem to like giving people AIDS in the film… for instance, Daniel Radcliffe (Not actually him) and Donald Trump (A CGI’d head on a body)

If you are planning on watching this film, then I must tell you that you have been warned as to what you are letting yourself in for. A big hot mess, but a funny one at that!