Download FREE The Silver Screen Critic App Now!

Download FREE The Silver Screen Critic App Now!

To make it a whole lot easier for you to read this site on the move, we have made it simpler! Now all you have to do is download the app! The layout of the app is pretty much the same as the site, but it will be quicker for you to find out more movie news, reviews, facts, mistakes, quotes, and trailers!

To install the app, just click the link and then add the site as a bookmark. Then go to the bookmarks menu and click “Add To Home Screen”, or hold down on “TheSilverScreenCritic” bookmark and tap “Add To Home Screen”

That’s it! You can now keep up to date with everything we post!

If the above link didn’t work to access the webpage, then here’s the link:

For more on this app, feel free to contact us here (via the “Contact” tab), or alternatively via email at

Thanks for checking out the app!