Man Up – Movie Review


A film about finding love through being spontaneous.
Nancy Patterson has given up on having a social life and meeting new people. She is somewhat of a bumbling mess. However, she tries to follow some simple rules that her sister has told her. One very embarrassing evening at a party later, Nancy decides to pretty much give up on ever finding “Mr Right”.
That’s when she does something completely out of the ordinary and unlike her. She acts on impulse.
On a train, heading into London, she meets a woman called Jessica, who is on the way to a blind date, for which she is meeting her date with the handy presence of a best selling book, 6 Billion People: A Guide To Dating In The Modern World (which as far as I can tell, isn’t a real book). Jessica then tells her that she should read the book, as it will change her life. Nancy doesn’t want any of it.
After waking up on the train, Jessica is gone, with only the book left on the table. The book has a note on it, for her  to look at a certain chapter, which tells her to basically stop worrying and live life.
Searching for Jessica, she runs into the blind date, Jack. He thinks that she is Jessica, mainly due to the presence of the book and so Nancy decides to embrace being spontaneous for once and pretend that she is the man’s date, Jessica.
They stroll through London, talking about themselves, with Nancy following along with everything that Jack says about her (“Jessica”) and trying to make conversation. Later in the film, they go to a bar and then a bowling alley, the latter of which being a place where a man works, who used to go to school with Nancy. He has always liked her, ever since school. He flirts with her and blackmails her, after finding out that she is pretending to be someone else, and threatens to tell Jack who she really is if she doesn’t do something for him in return.
Things happen and Jack finds out what’s going on and who Nancy really is. They argue and things start turning sour.
After having to go back to the previous bar, they meet Jack’s ex-wife and her new partner that she left him for.
They try to make her jelous, to get back at her and to get closure.
Jack and Nancy start to bond more, after which things fall apart again and you really feel for the love between the two.
That is all I will say, as I have said too much already. Spoiling the end of the film would just ruin it. The film is amazing and shows you that being spontaneous is great and that love can be found anywhere, at anytime.
I definitely recommend anyone watching this, whether you are in a relationship or single.


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