The Theory Of Everything – Movie Review


This film is a visually beautiful portrayal of Stephen Hawking’s life. It follows Hawking through his time at Cambridge University and into his first marriage. One of the most fascinating aspects of the movie is that Eddie Redmayne contorts himself perfectly. Apparently Redmayne would sit alone in front of the mirror for hours on end, perfecting his ‘Hawking’ and training his body to accept the contortion. It’s no wonder he won an Oscar, Golden Globe and a BAFTA for his performance!
The film talks through the scientific findings that Stephen made and still manages to add humour, by adding quirky moments and one-liners. One of the most memorable is when Stephen’s fictional friend (He was created for the film) carries him up some stairs and asks him about his sex life, to which Hawking answers that he is still fully potent. In real life, he never brings up his sex life, as it’s a taboo subject.
The fictional friend, however, was made up from attitudes of Stephen’s friends. Jane said this about it, “Stephen’s fellow lodgers and research students” at Cambridge: “They talked to him in his own intellectual terms, sometimes caustically sarcastic, sometimes crushingly critical, always humorous. In personal terms, however, they treated him with a gentle consideration which was almost loving.”
A fun fact for you, apparently in the scene where Jane is talking to Stephen on the bed, when Stephen says “Thank you”, it wasn’t actually scripted. The scene didn’t have any words, but Redmayne improvised… and it works beautifully. Redmayne and the director talk about that particular scene and what happened here:

From the big moments of Stephen’s life, to the littlest moments, this film is sublime. The cinematography adds something absolutely beautiful to it.
This is one of those films that you will just have to watch, as words cannot describe the perfection that it holds.


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