Fifty Shades Of Grey – Movie Review


I’m probably one out of a very little number of men that has read the first book, but I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Despite this being the case, the film really did not live up to the standard that I was expecting. The casting of Ana and Christian was pretty much perfect, but the way that some scenes were portrayed was completely wrong. Not from the acting aspect, but from the script aspect. For some reason, it was a mess. It was a jumbled mash of various parts of the books. I know this could be said for a number of films that derived from books, but that’s going off topic. One of the scenes in mention here is the “walk in the woods” scene. What on earth were they thinking?! The original scene with Christian telling Ana about Mrs Robinson was set in a cafe! What’s more, the scene in the film ploughs straight into the mention of Mrs Robinson! No lead-up, no fore-mention. Nothing. Mrs Robinson is brought up in the books well before the main mention.
The other scene that completely runs away from the original, is the dinner scene at the Heathman Hotel. The one that Christian has booked all to himself for dinner with Ana.
In the film? …It’s set in the Grey Enterprises building!
It’s scenes like that when I don’t understand what they were thinking when they decided to practically rip the books apart. I understand from a filmmaking point of view, that it’s difficult to fit an entire book into a two hour film, but they could have followed it a lot more, including more of the book and in the correct order! It seems as if the movie was made for one reason and one reason only… money.
Saying all of that though, I quite enjoyed most parts of the film and even though there was a strong sexual element in the film, they didn’t play too much on only showing that side of the story. They also showed us the sexual tension and the lust that pulsed from both Ana and Christian, seemingly straight from the pages of the book. The only downside for Christian’s character, is that they made him too serious. In the book, he eventually loosens up a bit more around Ana.
Overall, I’m not sure if I would recommend this movie, but seeing as it’s worth at least a small watch of it, then please feel free to go and watch it.



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