The Imitation Game – Movie Review


I have to admit that going into this film, I had no idea what it was going to be about.
From the start of the film, I was enthralled with the acting abilities of Benedict Cumberbatch. I knew he was an incredible actor, but his portrayal of Alan Turing was phenomenal.
The film is about how Alan Turing discovered a way to crack the Enigma code, which was a code language devised by the german army, in order to encrypt their messages to each other.
It also shows the struggle that gay men had around the time of World War II.
Through love and loss, the times that hurt, the good and the bad times, this movie shows us what it was like for Alan Turing during those years. Cracking the Enigma code is just the very start of Turing’s story, as he has also never stopped loving someone, he was quite lonely and he struggled to find people that understood him.
It’s quite a strange connection between Cumberbatch’s Turing and Keira Knightley’s Joan, as they get on well and like a lot of things that each other likes, but yet there’s the aspect that Turing would never be in a fully loving relationship with her, due to his sexuality.
Once we see Turing start to build his answer to cracking the Enigma code, things start to get increasingly tense between the team of code breakers, as Turing is no longer helping them work on the code, but is off in his own little world, creating his masterpiece.
It’s all worth it in the end, as his friends finally come around to liking him fully again and are grateful for the easier and quicker way of cracking the code.
The only other thing that I am going to say is that the film’s ending is emotional.
Overall, the film is incredible and a must watch!


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