Interstellar – Movie Review


(WARNING: Some minor spoilers)

Despite some of the bad reviews that some people gave Interstellar, I saw it with an open mind. From the first scene or two, you realise that the film seems quite slow paced. Some elements in the latter half pick the speed up. Although there are the slow areas, it works well and brings attention to the fact that true space travel IS very slow and drawn out. Making a movie with every factual element of the science of it all being true, would be difficult to do if you just bumbled through it and didn’t show detail. Interstellar really brings home the nature of the human race, some fighting to survive and some not bothering to do anything about the problems. The film focuses on the world, after the majority of it’s food sources have died out and all that’s left is very little. This means that they will need to leave Earth in the future and find another habitable planet to live on.
The visuals, the facts and the characters lives, were all evenly spaced out and nothing took centre stage for too long. There is, of course, the “ghost”, which is mentioned throughout the film, but serves great purpose in the end.
The film starts with showing you family life and what they do on a daily basis, which surprises, because you expect to see more technical, space travel elements early on in the film. After many emotional moments happen, the main character and his team have to go to space in order to find another planet with the correct sustainable living environments for the human race. They encounter a number of problems and become increasingly aware that time is ebbing away from under their fingertips.
A major plot twist happens and the objectives of the members of the team changes. Some hard decisions are made, and then comes around one of the most debated scenes of the film. One that for many, there is a love-hate relationship.
I’m not going to give away a lot of this film, as it would be unfair to those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s an incredible movie and in my opinion, a definite must see!


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