Interstellar – Movie Review


Despite the bad reviews that some people gave Interstellar, I went to see it on the day that it was released. Again, despite reviews…I was blown away. By that, I don’t mean that it was another Michael Bay film with explosions and action packed into every frame of the film. I mean that it was perfectly crafted, shot to shot, from start to finish. Years of preparation went into making it and it was from the mind of one of the greatest directors of our time… Christopher Nolan.


Most reviews have been saying that the movie was too slow or that the plot was non-existent. I want to come back to the point that I made about this NOT being an action film like everyone thought it would be. It wasn’t meant to be another Armageddon, with debris flying left, right and centre. It wasn’t supposed to have gun fights or car chases. It’s a movie about humanity and it’s fight for survival. It’s about the human race using up all of it’s resources and dying off if something isn’t done. One man has had the training for the sort of mission that is prepared for him, whilst a large population of the world rely on their vast knowledge of farming to fight for survival.

With a family at home, Cooper has to abandon his young daughter and son to save the human race from extinction. It’s unlike any other “end of the world” scenario film that has ever graced cinema screens. It takes a meaningful dive into what life actually would be like in that sort of situation and delves deep into science and space travel. Coming to terms with the inevitable fate of the human race, Cooper and a few colleagues can only watch from space as time ticks by on Earth. In some areas of space, every hour is seven years back on Earth, which makes it hard for Cooper to be able to get back as quickly as he would have liked for his daughter, as he said he would be back. He made sure not to promise her anything or say that he was “saving the world”, as that would frighten her and make her think that the world was ending in the first place.

After leaving Earth, leaving his family and friends, Cooper and his team head off into the universe for space exploration, in order to find another planet capable of sustaining life similar to that of Planet Earth.

With an incredible soundtrack, a touching story, superb performances from all of the cast, including some epic long duration shots of space spotted throughout (which I might add, are brilliantly executed!), this movie is ingeniously created to be more than just another Hollywood film about the same old thing. I just want to add that absolutely NO CGI was used to make this film! Interstellar is created in such a way that it pulls you into the storyline and characters emotions. It makes you feel something which you may have thought you had lost when watching films.

To really understand the meaning of the film, and to be able to understand exactly where I am coming from with how amazing this movie really is, it needs to be watched.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is…just bear in mind that it is a lot better than the trailer makes out, and for once the trailer doesn’t give anything away!


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