The Equalizer – Movie Review

A man on a crusade to rid the world of evil. That’s the line that I’m going to use to best describe this fantastic film. I loved how they played on the fact that he kept an eye on time throughout the movie, checking his watch and timing himself with various things.

The movie starts out with a man that is going about his every day life, doing the same sorts of things…until one day, he gets bored of reading at home, so heads out. He sits in a diner, reads his book, meets a girl, becoming friends. After seeing her a few times at the diner, he finds out that she is a working girl, with a boss that no-one wants to mess with. Well…apart from Robert McCall (Denzel Washington).

Well paced with never a moments dullness, this movie showed incredible performances from both Denzel Washington and his fellow actors.

A definite must-see!


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