A Walk Among The Tombstones – Movie Review


A perfect, slow-moving film. It grabs you and pulls you in deep into the plot. Liam Neeson plays a cop who left his job years before, as he couldn’t go another day after what happened. Everything in this movie is perfectly executed. Each shot, well thought out. Each line, well delivered. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it. Being a crime fiction lover, I’ve seen one or two, and this was up there with some of the best. A masterpiece.
Without giving too much away, the movie is set before the turn of the Millennium and concentrates on one man who finds himself getting involved in a case that’s more than what he’s used to. With the help of some friends that he’s made along the way, they try to take down the people that murdered their loved ones.
That’s all I’m going to say, as it’s a must-see film!


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