Gone Girl – Movie Review


Deep, dark…actually scratch that. Deep, VERY dark, sadistic and somewhat sinister. It seems as if all is going right for Nick Dunne, until one he comes home one day…and sees his living room has been turned upside down and his wife is missing.


Of course, as always, the Police suspect Nick has probably killed his wife and covered it up with a kidnapping story. Oh, how little they know…

As you may have known, if you have seen the Trailer (if not, it’s at the end of this review), Nick Dunne is too obvious, because they tell you everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in the trailer…or so you think. What happens, is far from simple. I would like to say that watching this movie is a thrill, but it’s not. It’s better than that! It’s massively entertaining, with a lot of plot twists spreading their way through the film.

Ben Affleck plays the role of Nick Dunne superbly, and Rosamund Pike who plays his wife, Amy Dunne (“Amazing Amy”), plays her role so perfectly. I can’t say too much about the characters, because that would give it all away!

Honestly, if there was one film that I think you should watch, it would be this! It’s nothing like the usual movies with epic adventure, which include romances, aliens and a ton of special effects…no, this is one of those movies that surprises you and stands out from the rest. I hadn’t seen a lot about the film before watching it, as I had only had the chance to watch the Trailer once, but it was well worth it!

One thing I do want to say about this movie, however, is that it has made me very wary about…people! (Almost gave it away!)

Here’s a Teaser Trailer and the Official Trailer for your viewing pleasure!


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