LUCY – Movie Review


Having been a squeamish person for most of my life, I tend to find that sometimes it gets the better of me, especially when watching something gory. “LUCY” was no exception. From the outset, there is multiple scenes of blood and gore. This started to wean about mid-way through the film though. When I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, I loved the movie! It wasn’t entirely what I was expecting, but I was in awe with the end scenes. They were very impressively executed and really shaped what the film had been about. For most of the movie, it had felt like there wasn’t really an objective or “mission”…even though ‘Lucy’ kept repeating that she was on a mission. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting this movie down, it was exceptional and I would probably buy it on DVD…I just think that the movie would have been better with less graphical ‘bloody’ scenes.
Despite everything that I’ve mentioned, the movie also explored all forms of nature, giving the film a factual element which really brought it to life. The earlier scenes with Morgan Freeman really teach you something about science and human nature, and nature in general. It informed you, at the same time as the special effects leaving you stunned. There’s one scene in the latter half of the movie, where ‘Lucy’ uses her abilities to ‘travel’…that’s all I’m saying… it’s a beautifully thought out work of art. They also did a great job at depicting what the scenery would have looked like.
I also loved how they compared human behaviour to animalistic behaviour, interspersing shots of the wild into tension packed scenes.
Would I recommend this movie? Yes! A massive yes, in fact. Just be warned though, if you are squeamish, this movie will most likely affect you.
This is 100% a must-see!