The LEGO Movie – Review


Since the movie trailer first came out, I had been wanting to see this movie. It was like my childhood self was feeling the emotional awe of playing with Lego for the first time! I loved it so much that it is hard to comprehend how I felt when I sat down to eventually watch the movie on DVD.

When I was a child, I would most often be playing with Lego. Moving on in my life and I grew to love film and wanted to start making my own mini movies. This then became re-united when I saw the movie…and it was definitely everything I thought it would be. There were a few spots that didn’t hold up to the trailer though. Quite a few of the best parts were again, just like Hollywood likes doing nowadays, in the trailer and so I had already seen them multiple times. However, I wasn’t expecting the plot to turn out the way it did, or for the characters to get so emotionally involved, as they did. It seemed to me that every person working on the computer animation, had brought out their inner child, to mess around in all their awesome, nonsensical glory, but at the same time, managed to produce something epic with a pretty good storyline.

I loved the fact that with the animation, the team went for a stop motion animation look, as if it were pieced together shot by shot, instead of the usual computer animation look that we have seen before with many other movies. It was refreshing and really brought home the fact that it was meant to look like real Lego pieces moving around.

One of the sets that to me looked most like you would have created in your own bedroom, was the coffee shop scene. Although you probably wouldn’t have all the items that a coffee shop would have, that wouldn’t stop you from building one. I think a lot of the realism in that scene was due to the camera angles though.

Throughout the majority of the movie, I was geeking out with excitement and loved every aspect of the animation. I loved that the water was made to look like it was made of Lego as well, even though your brain keeps telling you that it is meant to be water.

I kept smiling and laughing at quite a lot of the movie. In fact, a smile was pretty much plastered across my face for the entirety of the movie.

All in all, this movie was an overall joy to watch and I very much want to watch it again…probably not because of the plot though, but because of the animation and the way in which the characters were portrayed.

If you are wondering about buying the movie, or maybe renting it, I would recommend it as a great movie to watch for the entire family or even just someone who is a child at heart.

After word that a sequel to the movie will be made, I definitely want to see it and I hope that it’s just as good as the first! My inner child is screeching with excitement!


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