Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Official Trailer


EXCLUSIVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Posters


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pretty much all I need to say apart from COWABUNGA DUDES!!

Here are some epicly awesome motion posters!


First Image Of Ian McKellan From Mr. Holmes

The legendary detective will take to the big screen again in Bill Condon’s Mr. Holmes. This time, however, with Ian McKellan playing a 93 year old version of him.

The film is to be set in 1947, where Sherlock Holmes is in retirement. He lives with his housekeeper and her son, who is an amateur detective.

When a cold case from his past starts haunting him again, he is forced out of retirement and back onto the streets to solve the case. Unfortunately, Dr. Watson won’t be taking part in this adventure.


Mr. Holmes will open in the UK in 2015. with an exact release date yet to be determined. An exact date is still to be confirmed.

This Is The End – Movie Review


About a week ago, I decided to sit down and start watching ‘This Is The End’, after hearing about all the hype that it had got, when it was in the cinemas. Pressing play, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and taken in by the comedy antics of a group of actors whom I had quite liked watching in the past. That accompanied by some pretty impressive special effects, depicting the end of the world.

However, after watching half of the movie, I have to say that it was nothing spectacular. In fact, it was that underwhelming, that I started getting bored. After trying to endure another few minutes of the film and hoping something else epic would happen, nothing did. By this point, I was at the part where the Franco realises that his water stash was below them the entire time. I turned it off then and figured I would watch it again at some point.
It was only until today, however, that I realised I still hadn’t watched the rest of the film. That being said, I started watching it again. The second half of the movie was a lot better than the first. The first half of the movie started out with celebrities attending James Franco’s party. Then when two of the celebrities go to the shops to buy some things, Armageddon hits. People are being transported up to heaven in cool, blue lights, which is all part of the rapture. It also had celebrities falling into sink holes and getting impaled. This in no way prepared me, however, for a long duration after that, in which a group of actors were trapped in James Franco’s house. The acting wasn’t too bad, but the storyline and jokes could have been a lot better. I have great respect for all of the actors within the film, but the film itself didn’t stand up to what I would have expected them to have created.
Luckily, half way through, the movie is saved as things start to happen again and something evil comes out of hiding.
It was at this point that I started to pay attention to the movie more and take in exactly what was going on. The last part of the movie is that the guys are running from the demonic being and they have come to realise that sacrificing themselves or doing good things, relieves them from the hell hole that they’re living in and gets them in to heaven.
I think one of the funniest and probably best scenes in the movie, is the very last one, set in heaven. I don’t know why, but it is one of the more memorable parts. Of course, there are other memorable parts, but not ones that I would necessarily want to see again. In fact, this movie is one that I will probably not want to watch again, unless I have had a very large quantity of alcohol before hand!

If I was to recommend anything about this movie, it would be to see the final scene. However, why not take a watch of the film and see what you think and then leave a comment below, letting me know your thoughts on the film and what scenes you liked and/or hated.