X-Men: Days of Future Past – Movie Review


In truth, I haven’t been an avid fan of X-Men. Saying that, having seen the new movie, I would happily sit down and watch them all properly. With a twisting storyline, some pretty hot CGI and epic action scenes, why wouldn’t I like it?

Anyway, I digress. Days Of Future Past was different to what I expected. Having seen bits of other X-Men movies, I thought it would be the same old thing, rehashed into another movie, but this one seemed to expand past the usual boundaries. I always found that the characters seemed a bit two dimensional and unrealistic. In this film, however, I really got into the film and believed more of the action.


As the movie progresses, we see that the mutants are fighting to survive against the Sentinels. That’s the reason why they want to go back in time and change history to stop the war from ever happening. In order to do this, they need to go back and stop Raven (Mystique) from killing Trask. They need to stop her from killing him because that’s when she first kills. Due to her killing Trask, she is captured and her DNA is used to complete the Sentinel project, giving them the ability to adapt to mutants’ powers. Stopping this from ever happening would of course, stop the war.

They find a mutant that can help them travel back in time, by sending the mind back to a previous time. She has only ever gone back a little way though, and is sure that whoever takes up the task of going back in time, would need a strong enough mind and would need to be able to heal themselves as quick as they were being damaged. Due to Xavier having a strong enough mind, but not able to heal himself, they go with Wolverine.

It is mentioned that when Wolverine goes back in time, the current timeline will not change, until he is back in his own body. This explains the reason why later in the film, there are some huge scenes which could have been massively helped by history as things progressed.

Wolverine ends up back in 1973 and has to find young Xavier and Magneto, along with various other people, on order to track down Raven. They find her eventually, but Magneto starts to lead her down the bad path. Some way into the film, there is a massive sequence of events that you would think would change the course of history a LOT, but apparently it doesn’t…I’ll leave you to find that one out by yourselves. Well, in fact, there are quite a lot of parts that would have changed history hugely, but seem to be swept under the rug, as they are never mentioned after that.

Finally, they change the course of history, by stopping Mystique from killing Trask.

After going back to the new timeline (present day), Wolverine finds that a lot of familiar faces are back and that he is a teacher.

As a movie goes, it was pretty good, but it wasn’t a moving piece of cinematic history. Most movies aren’t though, so that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past, because you should, especially if you are a Marvel or X-Men fan. For me though, this movie didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat, or make me feel emotionally moved in any way.

As you may or may not know, Marvel likes to put in a post credits scene in every movie now. Sometimes this scene isn’t even to do with the movie that you were watching. In X-Men: DOFP, there is a post credits scene, which IS to do with X-Men! I’m not going to reveal what it is though, that’s for you to find out. You just need to stay until after the credits finish. I warn you though, unless you are hunting for funny names in the credits, it’s like watching paint dry.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past came out in cinemas on 22nd May 2014. If you haven’t seen it yet, or even seen a movie trailer, here’s two for you below!


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