The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Movie Review


For some reason, the thought of making a review of this movie completely flew over my head when I watched it, like a Mockingjay. Hopefully, even though I’m looking back on the movie after so long, I’ll remember the points I wanted to discuss.

Seeing as I hadn’t been overly thrilled from watching the first movie, the first time I saw it (I watched it twice), I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sequel was massively better in every aspect.

Jennifer Lawrence completely bloomed in Catching Fire as well, leaving behind her old self, and making way for a more believable and enjoyable performance.

As we enter into Panem for a second outing, we find that everything has been updated and looks a lot more convincing (the set, CGI and various other props). Everything is bigger and better.

There seems to be a lot more tension in the air and you get to grips with the characters emotions a lot more. The tension is probably due to the films plot though, as things turn darker and sinister.

The districts rise up and cause a rebellion, stressing out Katniss and Peeta as they push through the heart-wrenching moments, trying to plaster a fake smile across their faces.

Once inside the Games, they have to fight to survive, along with a group of other players. The battle against the game brings the players together, creating an alliance and establishing a bond.

Not mentioning too much about the ending of the movie, due to something huge happening in the plot, the movie rounds off with a huge bang and leaves you wanting more. Nothing is as it seems. Let’s just hope that the third instalment, which is scheduled for November, comes around fast!


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