“Frozen” – Movie Review


SPOILERS AHEAD…You have been warned.

Disney have gone all out and have outdone themselves this time.

Frozen is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest Disney film of all time now. With it’s catchy songs and incredibly written script, the film carries us on an emotional ride of two young women growing up together, how they cope with Elsa’s powers and how they deal with true love.

Before watching Frozen, I had no idea what the film was about, and certainly didn’t think it would live up to the hype. I was, in fact, completely and utterly wrong. Everyone has been saying that the movie was entirely different to any other Disney film, which I found very hard to believe, seeing as Disney have rehashed the same typical storyline of a fairytale princess falling in love with a handsome prince, a million times over.

Frozen was taken to all new levels of Disney’s capabilities, when the film reveals that one of the lead characters, who we initially thought was a good guy, turns out to be a villain. They turn the tables on the usual relationships and meanings of love that they depict in their other films and decide to turn to the relationship between two sisters. In fact, the whole entire film is about the relationship between Anna and Elsa (The royal sisters).

No matter what you think about the film, if you like films that have huge twists, or if you absolutely love movies about hilarious talking snowmen, or maybe even clumsy reindeer, then you will adore this movie.

After watching the movie, taking in every element of Disney magic that it throws at you, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed the movie and wouldn’t mind watching it again for a second time…and I don’t say that about movies a lot!

There is one thing that I must say though…when you watch the film, try and see if you can refrain from singing along with the massive hit, “Let It Go”. It’s quite the task! (Unless you’re alone…then sing away to your hearts content!!)

In case you haven’t seen the “Let It Go” sequence from the movie yet, here it is!


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