West Side Story Remake?


Here we go again, another remake. It seems that Hollywood has no original ideas anymore, what with remaking half of the 80’s films such as Evil Dead, Halloween, Dawn Of The Dead, Footloose, Fame, Robocop, and many, many others that we all know and love and also some of the earlier films such as the Bond film Casino Royale, among others, along with now, West Side Story.
I would ask the question, “What is the point?”, but a lot of people would have answers for that. The only possible reasons for remaking West Side Story would be to ‘update’ the story to make sense in modern times, which doesn’t need doing at all as there really isn’t much difference!
The director looking to take on this unnecessary remake is Steven Spielberg. He has never taken on a fully-fledged musical in his massive career, so that is probably the reason for him wanting to tackle the enormous task of recreating one of the most loved musicals ever, considering the original in 1961 collected ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. Many people will be hoping Spielberg pulls this one off, but at the same time, fans of the original will be wanting him to fail miserably so that the original still stands tall in the spotlight, without being overshadowed by a soul-less remake.


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