Lego Movie Sequel Bumped Back For Ninjago?


With The LEGO Movie doing astronomically well in the cinemas, it’s hard to believe that Warner would hesitate on scripting a sequel.
It may be possible that they have though, to make way for a Ninjago movie.
The reason behind this odd move?
Warner only has rights to one Lego Movie sequel, whicb from there onwards, Lego and the producers are free to get another studio to work on the films. If Warner decide to take on Ninjago into their studios too, however, it will strengthen the links between them and Lego and create a more likely opportunity for Lego to stay with them.
The question hits us though, will Njnjago be better than The LEGO Movie or will it be a terrible move for the studio?
The script writers that have penned something for Ninjago already, have expressed their worries about the movie, saying that due to the success of The LEGO Movie,
“It set the bar really high for the franchise”.
Another question that arises, does The LEGO Movie really need a sequel?
In the eyes of many, it’s pointless. Yes, there would be laughs and there would be the excitement, but it would probably create less of both that the first movie did and if not planned out properly, could kill people’s love for the movies or even the franchise.
Whichever movie comes first, it looks safe to say that the little yellow people are here to stay.


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