Animal House – Easter Eggs


– In the final credits, is says “Ask for Babs”, referring to a character in the film who supposedly became a tour guide there.
For many years, if someone really did ask for Babs, they would get a free or discounted admission to the tour.
Universal does not use this promotion anymore.

– In the movie, during the first, big, party at the Delta House, when Flounder is walking down the stairs there is a lot of graffiti on the wall behind him. One of the messages scribbled on the wall is “MAC RULES”. This is a reference to the University that creator Ivan Reitman attended with Eugene Levy and Martin Short: McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

– The guy who leads parade down the alley is Stork. His only line in movie was,
“Well what the hell are we supposed to do you moron?”
He wrote the screen play. He later wrote “Caddy Shack”.

– At the end of the film the text at the bottom of the screen says “Doug Neidermyer went to vietnam where he was shot by his own men” the 1983 twilight zone movie has a scene directed by John Landis where a GI says to his partner “We shouldn’t have fragged Neidermyer”.

– When John Belushi smashes that guy’s guitar in the movie, the guy singing is actually Stephen Bishop making a cameo appearance. He still has the smashed up guitar signed by the cast.

– During one of the Toga Party scenes, if you watch closely the Delta Tau Chi “emblem” is on the wall behind Hoover and Otter. The slogan on the emblem is “Ars Gratia Artis” or “Art for Art’s Sake” – The same slogan used by MGM Studios, hardly what would be considered relevant to a frat house.


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