Michael Bay Bites Back At Claims Of Transformers Series “Apology”


After reports that Michael Bay “apologised” for elements of Transformers, he has bit back with a statement to say that he did not apologise.

On his official blog, Bay has says, “No I did not ‘apologise’ for any of the Transformers movies… I did not say I shot the last three movies ‘less cool’ than the new fourth instalment.”
“I was talking specifically about camera style and tone, of the first movie compared to how I shot the new instalment with a very big scale, cinematic style.”
“I was very specific in saying the first Transformers was shot in a ‘generic suburbia’ area, not trying to be cool with any cinematic flashes. I wanted it to feel like this could happen in any backyard in the United States.”
Let’s hope that Transformers: Age Of Extinction is as good as he says it is.

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