Fast And Furious 7 Production Delayed After Paul Walker’s Death


Due to the tragic news of Paul Walker’s death, the production studio have decided to indefinitely postpone filming for Fast And Furious 7.

This was very much expected, knowing how many friends Walker had, on and off set, who would naturally be mourning the loss of a great lead actor.

Due to Walker’s role being quite a significant one, the team are wondering how to move forward with the storyline, presumably because they had a stretch of filming left that would include Walker. They will now have to go away and rewrite the script, fitting around his character, cutting into a main aspect of the film. We are not sure whether they will dedicate the film to him in the end, or whether they will speak of the death of his character in the movie, or if they will simply leave it out and give audiences the impression that the story would work without him.

Apparently, neither Universal or director James Wan have decided how they want to rewrite the script yet. The release date of the movie may still be changed.

In this time of mourning, our hearts go out to the family, friends and colleagues. Stay strong.


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