Batman Vs Superman POSSIBLE Titles


So as we know, a sequel to Man Of Steel has been set in place for 2015, named by anyone talking about it as ‘Batman Vs Superman’, including us.

Well, that isn’t actually going to be the movie name. Warner still has to announce the actual title of the movie.

Even though none of these may be the final title, these are the ones being talked over by the company:

Man Of Steel Battle The Knight
Man Of Steel Beyond Darkness
Man Of Steel Black Of Knight
Man Of Steel Darkness Falls
Man Of Steel Knight Falls
Man Of Steel Shadow Of The Night
Man Of Steel The Blackest Hour
Man Of Steel The Darkness Within

Liking them or not liking them, they seem great, but yet somehow profoundly samey as previous movie titles. Were surprised that the lineup showed ‘Shadow Of The Night’ though and not replace ‘Night’ with ‘Knight’ like they have with the rest. Although maybe leave that name for a distant sequel of the Batman films and have it where we follow his son, with the movie being titled ‘Shadow Of The Knight’.

Whatever the movie title for the duel off between Superman and Batman, let’s hope it’s good. The movie is to be released in the US on 17th July 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.


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