Lionsgate To Make Saw 8


Lionsgate has been looking to make an 8th film in the Saw franchise.
It does seem seem that they have brought too many films out and are now just churning out the same old plots to make money.
As Lionsgate look for a director to take on the film, Bloody Disgusting says, “Lionsgate is incredibly active in developing an eighth Saw.”
That, in our opinion, sounds like they will be rushing another storyline and will result in the same disappointing revenue. The last film, Saw 3D, brought in $68 million worldwide and was thought to be the last film of the franchise.
The studio obviously thinks that the amount of time since the last movie (over three years), is enough to make audiences pay to watch yet another Jigsaw movie and to not just go out and buy the series of movies and watch them again.
That being said, the studio is quite crafty as they know that people are more likely to now go out and buy the whole franchise of films before seating themselves in a cinema and watching the latest installment.
If you have seen these movies, in particular the third one, you will know that the main character, Jigsaw, died. It’s hard to see how the studio can still keep audiences hanging on with the belief that Jigsaw planned (before he died) all of the events since then.


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