NEW Posters For The Wolf Of Wall Street


The Wolf Of Wall Street has released two new posters!

The film will be based on Belfort’s recollection of life in 80’s Wall Street. Bending the rules made you money.

The aurhorities hears about what Belfort was doing though and moved in to stop him.

Here are the posters!



Directed by Martin Scorsese and co-starring Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey and Kyle Chandler, The Wolf Of Wall Street will open in the UK on 17 January 2014.


X-Men’s Magneto As JFK’s Possible Killer


X-Men: Days Of Future Past has released a viral video in which Magneto is said to have been the possible killer of JFK.
The video says that Magneto was arrested after the shooting, accused of altering the trajectory of Lee Harvey Oswald’s second bullet.
The world of X-Men says that he is guiltt of murder and imprisoned him.
After checkimg out the video below, if you want to check out more about it, go to The Bent Bullet official website.

The site is a little snippet of what we are to look forward to in the movie.

Here’s the viral video!

Directed by Bryan Singer
Co-starring Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman.
X-Men: Days Of Future Past will open in the UK on 22 May 2014

Batman Vs Superman POSSIBLE Titles


So as we know, a sequel to Man Of Steel has been set in place for 2015, named by anyone talking about it as ‘Batman Vs Superman’, including us.

Well, that isn’t actually going to be the movie name. Warner still has to announce the actual title of the movie.

Even though none of these may be the final title, these are the ones being talked over by the company:

Man Of Steel Battle The Knight
Man Of Steel Beyond Darkness
Man Of Steel Black Of Knight
Man Of Steel Darkness Falls
Man Of Steel Knight Falls
Man Of Steel Shadow Of The Night
Man Of Steel The Blackest Hour
Man Of Steel The Darkness Within

Liking them or not liking them, they seem great, but yet somehow profoundly samey as previous movie titles. Were surprised that the lineup showed ‘Shadow Of The Night’ though and not replace ‘Night’ with ‘Knight’ like they have with the rest. Although maybe leave that name for a distant sequel of the Batman films and have it where we follow his son, with the movie being titled ‘Shadow Of The Knight’.

Whatever the movie title for the duel off between Superman and Batman, let’s hope it’s good. The movie is to be released in the US on 17th July 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.

The 13 Mistakes Of ‘Wreck It Ralph’


1. It’s established that in the candy cane trees, the double striped branches ‘break’. When grabbed, they make a loud noise and flash for a moment, before just vanishing. When Ralph and Vanellope are racing to the Hero Metal at the top of a tree, Ralph hits several of these branches. Each time, the branch only lasts about a second or two after he touches it before vanishing. However, he then falls from the tree and lands on a branch that is double striped and hangs from it. While doing so, he proceeds to have a full on conversation with Vanellope, for a relatively long time. Yet the branch does not vanish till after she walks away, despite previous ones having only a second or two of time before vanishing.

2. When the cake goes all over the place, Deanna (behind Gene) looks around. She is facing towards Gene is this shot, but looking in a direction towards Ralph in the next shot.

3. After Ralph destroys the cake and it goes all over the place, we cut to a wide shot. In this shot, to Gene’s right, there is a small amount of cake on the floor. In the following shot, the amount of cake has doubled.


4. When the Sugar Rush racers are throwing in their gold coins to enter the Random Roster Race, the announcer can be heard reading the name “Adorabeezle Winterpop” third, after Taffyta Muttonfudge, and “Crumbelina Di Caramello” fifth, after Gloyd Orangeboar. But the next time the roster board is shown, Crumbelina’s name is printed on line 3, while Adorabeezle’s name is on line 5. The board’s order may be considered the correct one, as not only does the same order appear on it again as the race commences, but Crumbelina can be seen lined up right behind Taffyta just before they begin to toss their coins to the pot.

5. In the scene where Ralph doesn’t appear in the game, Felix climbs off the side of the apartments and exits the screen. In the next shot, he is just seen exiting the light source, indicating that he has left the screen again.

6. When the gamer begins to play Fix-It Felix Jr, the nicelanders go into the apartments and appear on the fifth floor. The nicelanders disappear when Felix realizes the apartments aren’t getting wrecked.


7. When Ralph sticks Sour Bill to a candy tree, the branch is directly under Sour Bill. But when Vanellope has become princess, the branch is now facing Sour Bill’s right.

8. When Felix calls Calhoun a “dynamite gal” she has a flashback of her former fiance calling her a dynamite gal. The last time he called her a dynamite gal, it was at the wedding. He only manages to say “dynamite” before the cy-bug bursts through the window and he gets eaten by the cy-bug. However, during the first flashback of Calhoun’s former fiance before she and Felix enter Sugar Rush, it shows the former fiance getting eaten by the cy-bug at the wedding, but he didn’t say “dynamite gal” before he was eaten. Also in the first flashback, their arms are by their side. But in the second flashback, their arms are interlocked with each other.

9. When Deanna begins to pull Felix onto the dance floor, she is wearing a shiny dress imprinted with leaves and flowers. When they take their places in the next shot, Deanna is suddenly in a plain pink dress, with no imprints. Then, although she remains on the dance floor for the entire shot, when Gene answers Felix in the very next shot, Deanna is suddenly with Gene by the door, and she’s back in the dress with the shiny imprints for the rest of the scene.


10. When Ralph looks down on the entrance of Sugar Rush after being lifted by King Candy, you can see the path is empty between the three characters and the cybugs. But when Ralph frees himself from King Candy’s grip and Vanellope starts glitching towards Ralph, you can see Calhoun’s discarded weapon lying on the ground. Something so distinctly black would stand out on the rainbow bridge from a distance.

11. When Felix is about to receive his first medal, a few things change in a cut to a close-up. The building has grown much wider (32 notches under the roof compared to 22 before), giving the Nicelanders room to carry Ralph before throwing him, when previously Ralph was already against the edge. Additionally, a pair of large clouds has popped into the middle of the screen to cover the medal before it appears, which may have been considered too distracting to include in the previous shot. Later on, the medals which are engraved with Felix’s name in-game instead bear a bas-relief hammer and gain a white stripe through the center of the ribbon when shown in 3D, a rather drastic change for what is only meant to be a view in greater detail. (Official recreations of the game work around the first issue by reducing the distances covered by objects on the roof to begin with.).

12. When Ralph and Vanellope are practicing driving, Vanellope loses one of her upper teeth. The tooth magically reappears again for the rest of the movie. Most noticeable when Ralph rescues her from the dungeon and twice noticeable when she is doing the race. First when she says “I’m gonna win” before starting the race and second when she overtakes King Candy and is in the following tunnel.

13. When Calhoun and Felix are in Game Central Station getting ready to enter Sugar Rush, one of the portals behind them is displaying the words “Now playing Burger Time,” meaning the game is in progress. But shortly afterwards you can see Peter Pepper, the main character from from that game, serving what looks like a pie to the characters from Q-bert.


Men In Black – Top 10 Mistakes


1. When Will Smith throws a rock at the escaping Edgar alien, if you watch the rock after it hits the alien, it disappears after hitting the ground.

2. When Will Smith is looking at the two space ships at the MIB headquarters, if you look in the background Zed and K are there typing on the computer. But if you look closer you can tell that they’re not even touching the keyboard and the sounds are just added into the movie.

3. Just before the diner scene, where the two aliens are discussing the galaxy, we see the outside of the Russian restaurant. The neon sign says “haroshaya” meaning “good” all the way across the window, in the next shot inside the restaurant, the “ha”, which looks like the English letters “xo”, is gone and the sign is centered.

4. When the Bug’s spaceship floats over Shea Stadium and the NY Mets outfielder sees it and gets conked on the head by the fly ball, he is wearing number 23. In a later scene, when J picks up the tabloid newspapers, the photo of the ballplayer has number 20.


5. When the jeweller leaves his shop, the shop window clearly shows the reflection of the parked exterminator’s van. Then you see the van being driven up the cross-street as the jeweller leaves in the taxi. Then Edgar/bug parks the van, goes to the shop, and you can see the same reflection in the jewellery shop window.

6. When Tommy Lee Jones shakes the dog asking him about the galaxy, right before they exit the car, you can see the cameraman’s reflection in the shiny black door frame.

7. When Will Smith and the other recruits are taking their written tests, the white table first appears to be situated between the second and third men from the left. When Smith goes to the table to pull it across the room, it is much further to the right of the scene.


8. When Will Smith is holding the squid, watch the reflection on the alien’s black eyes. Although Will Smith is standing alone, the reflection on the eyes shows two people, or – depending on the shot – one with a big hat.

9. When the truck gets smashed at the start, the tree beside the truck is well alight, but when the man comes out of the house, it is only a little alight.

10. When the countdown timer for the destruction of Earth appears on the viewscreen, you see it count down to 59:56. There is a cut to three cast members including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for a brief dialogue scene. When it cuts to Will Smith walking away you can see the clock still counting down on the screen in the background. Now it is showing the time of 59:54. The aforementioned dialogue section took noticeably longer than two seconds.


The 7 Mistakes In ‘Gravity’


1. There are several scenes which depict space debris reaching the astronauts’ location, with catastrophic results. While the impact of these collisions are probably realistic, it’s highly improbable that this debris would be visible (you can spot many objects approaching, missing or hitting Sandra and George’s location) mainly because of their ultra high speed relative to the astronauts’ area. Remember, we are talking about orbits with speeds in the order of several 10k’s of km/h.


2. When the Chinese space station is de-orbiting, and the atmosphere is stripping parts off the outside, Dr Ryan Stone is inside with objects floating about her. In reality, there would be a small deceleration caused by the atmospheric drag that would pull all objects to the front of the craft.


3. The shuttles original mission was to service Hubble, yet when the shuttle is wrecked, Kowalsky moves with Stone to the ISS, which just happens to be “a short hike away.” In reality, Hubble orbits at an altitude of 595km (the topmost service roof of the Space Shuttles), while the ISS does so at an altitude of 340km. Furthermore, even if they had been able to see the ISS from Hubble’s orbit, they would have only seen it speed ahead, as their orbital velocities are different: 7.66km/s for the ISS and 7.58km/s for Hubble, a difference of 75m/s / 270km/h / 167.78mph.


4. When Stone makes it to the Chinese station, it is experiencing reentry. This is nothing but a drama-making mistake, as the station would have needed to have been actively boosted down/slowed down for it to have been a deliberate deorbit, or have had its navigation completely neglected for months or years for its orbit to decay to that point. In either of these two cases, it could not have been orbiting at a fixed position with the otherwise-stable ISS.


5. During the first few minutes, before all the comsats get taken out by the debris storm, conversation between Houston and the Space Shuttle include Quindar tones. Quindar tones are the sharp beeps attending each voice transmission. These tones are obsolete and haven’t been used for many years.


6. Outside on her spacewalk Bullock has a watch over her suit. Inside after she removes the spacesuit, she is watchless while moving through the 1st “ship” she entered (wearing the T-shirt and shorts) then suddenly it appears on her wrist again.


7. In several scenes, Sandra Bullock used radio equipment in efforts to call for assistance. There is a sound made by vintage, mechanically tuned radios called “heterodyning” that results in a squealing, variable frequency sound in the speaker. While heterodyning added a degree of drama to the scenes in “Gravity”, contemporary digital radios operate on a different, highly stable technique for tuning, and do not produce heterodyne sounds.

If you want to watch the trailer for Gravity, you can below