G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Movie Review


If you love fast paced action scenes with lots of quick cuts, along with bullets flying everywhere and things exploding everywhere, then you’ll love this movie.

It seems that the makers behind G.I. Joe went for a more no holds barred combat in this movie. One example would be the fight scene on the mountain side. Ninja’s and the good guys battle it out, swinging off the rocky terrain and slamming into each other.

Taking this as a movie all by itself, despite seeing the others, you may liken it to Die Hard (and not because of Bruce Willis), The Expendables, James Bond or pretty much any thrill ride of action, guns and violence.

As you will remember, if you saw the last film, the president has been replaced by Zartan. If you didn’t know that, then you do now. The president decides to get rid of th3 Joe’s as they didn’t do their duty. Really though, he just wanted to kill off the good guys so that there was no one to stop him. He did this bg ordering an attack on the area that the Joe’s were staying in. The stupid thing is though, the president had got the Joe’s to infiltrate the enemy’s headquarters and steal the nuclear weapons, which they did for what they thought was their country. Oh how wrong they were. Once the president had ordered the attack, the Joe’s base was blown up and only three of the main guys got away by hiding down a well. Most of you that saw the previous films will realise that there were more than three main characters. The attack, however, killed one of them. Duke (Channing Tatum).

There are people out there now that are probably angry, due to the loveable Duke being killed off in one of the first scenes.

All in all, if you love action packed films with a good storyline, some strange bad guys, explosions and fast paced action, then you’d love this film. Not to mention that it’s like a combat version of The Fantastic Four.


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