Jeff Bridges Disappointed By Final Cut Of R.I.P.D.


After having a great time on the set, shooting the film, Jeff Bridges was not very impressed by the final cut of the movie.

“I had such a great time working on that movie,” said Bridges, “I remember what we were doing. I thought: ‘This could be fun to see.'”

“And when I saw it,” he continues, “I was a little underwhelmed. For my mind, the studio made some choices that I wouldn’t have made.”

“It’s kind of fun when the movie’s coming out. It’s like having a horse in the race. And they’re lining up, and they’re off! And you’re rooting for your horse. And in this case, the jockey fell off the horse and you came in last.”

With the movie coming out tomorrow, we have yet to see what Universal have done to what we think was an awesome plotline for a movie.

Hopefully we will not be crushed by our own disappointment as it’s one of the films that was on our must see list.

R.I.P.D. UK release on 20th September 2013


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