Billy Bob Thornton On Bad Santa 2


The black hearted Christmas movie that stars Billy Bob Thornton as a rogue Mall Santa. He swears, drinks and ever so slightly insane…and yet we love him. The funny things you would imagine a Mall Santa to do, he does.
Well, Bad Santa is getting a sequel, even if it may be a little way off yet.

“We all want it to happen,” says Thornton. “It’s all logistics. They’re still working on it. When they first said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna make a sequel to Bad Santa,’ I said, ‘That’s nice. I loved playing that character.’” 

“It’s become an iconic movie, and the public wants to see a sequel. I said, ‘I’ve never done a sequel, but it makes sense to me to do this sequel.’ It’s the kind of movie you do a sequel for, so I was all for it.”

“I think the mistake was that when they said they were gonna do it, we just said, ‘Yeah, we’re doing it.’ The fact of the matter is, we may be doing it. They are working on it. It could be the end of this coming year, or it could be next year, or never. That’s the real honest answer.”

After having so many Christmas movies that are full of festive cheer, Bad Santa is the opposite take on the jingly holiday and hopefully will get a sequel and not never.


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