Ben Affleck To Play Batman


Great choice or bad choice?

Announced on the 22nd August 2013, in the “Man Of Steel” sequel, Warner Bros. are casting Ben Affleck to play the Batman role. The controversial choice of actor has been discussed on the Twittersphere and joked about. Will he live up to the Christian Bale character we have all come to know and love? Will he be as sophisticated and clever as Bale’s Batman? Maybe, maybe not.

Personally, actors should not play two different superhero characters, and seeing as Affleck has already played the blind hero, Daredevil, it should not be any different.

Maybe the fact that Daredevil didn’t do as well as they thought it would, considering that it hasn’t had sequels or any other mention of it since it’s debut. Maybe Affleck just didn’t make enough impact on the character’s history, although Star Trek star Wil Wheaton did say,

“Really looking forward to seeing Affleck bring the depth and gravitas to Batman that he brought to Daredevil and Gigli“.

Either way, Ben Affleck will most probably create a better persona this time. Let’s hope he does.

Some people have suggested Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez for roles in the film too. This movie sounds like it will be name dropping a lot of names throughout it’s entirety, so hopefully it doesn’t lay it on too much, as we would like to see a little bit of our gruff voiced hero. Zack Snyder…I leave it all in your capable hands!


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