James Cameron Confirms Avatar 4


Yesterday, news was announced that James Cameron hired Josh Friedman to work on Avatar 2 with him. Cameron has now confirmed that he’ll be making Avatar 2, 3 and 4, starting their releases in December 2016 with Avatar 2, then with Avatar 3 coming in 2017 and Avatar 3 in 2018.


Is this just too much of the blue people? We are all for the first movie as it paved the way for the world of Real-D 3D and hit our screens in massively impacting BluRay. It also raised the bar in movie CGI, which had so far been great, but not many people knew that it could be taken further. Cameron releases ‘Avatar’ and the whole media world goes into a frenzy, tweeting about the never ending possibilities of this new fangled 3D and the super high quality pictures. This step with 2, 3 and 4 though, may be a step too far. Will audiences want to watch recycled stories, or will they want to move on to new movies with greater, fresher potential.
Cinema today seems to be all for all things blue, what with the Smurfs, these new Avatars, and the lingering mystery behind whether the blue police box will get it’s new debut on the big screen in November.
Hopefully, for Cameron’s sake, the plots of the Avatar sequels will live up to the audiences high expectations that they got from the first film.


As we said before, here are the release dates (no specific dates have been cofirmed yet):
Avatar 2 – December 2016
Avatar 3 – 2017
Avatar 4 – 2018



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