Eddie Murphy To Star In ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’


Paramount Pictures is now going ahead with Beverly Hills Cop 4, with the studio said to have secured Eddie Murphy to star in the movie.
Originally the movie franchise was to continue on as a series, in which the storyline would follow Axel Foley’s son, played by Brandon T. Jackson.
Even though there was a lot of widespread media attention to the new TV show, it wasn’t picked up, even after Murphy had appeared in the pilot episode as his usual amazing Axel Foley character.
This being the case, it did however, persuade the bosses at Paramount that there was still something intriguing behind the character, with his careless manner, but very clever thinking. This then brought about the film company to take the dive into creating a third sequel to the franchise.
There hasn’t been a director confirmed to do the film yet, but Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec will be the ones in charge of the script, hopefully creating an awesome sequel that the fans and movie lovers everywhere can be astounded at.
Apparently, Eddie Murphy, contrary to what you might think, is not a massive fan of Beverly Hills Cop 3. That being so, he is very happy to slip back into the role of Axel Foley for a fourth film. In an interview with MTV, he said this:
“Don’t just leave Axel with his thumb up his ass from the last movie. Whatever happened to Axel Foley? He’s sitting in Detroit with his thumb up his ass since Beverly Hills Cop III. Let’s take those thumbs out and make a great movie!”
Let’s hope this movie will be a success and not be a flop, although with Axel’s demeanour, how can it NOT be a massive hit!

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