The Worlds End – Movie Review

5 friends. 12 pubs. 12 pints. 1 marathon pub crawl of the golden mile.


From Edgar Wright, the Director of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, comes the third epic film in the Cornetto trilogy. Spanning across a whole town, the golden mile takes them a millenium to conquer, travelling across a galaxy of mayhem, just to sup that last pint of bitter.
The five lads are back together to finish what they started, which was to complete the golden mile, this time with a lot less enthusiasm from the rest of the gang. The moment that the five step foot back into Newton Haven, they each notice something slightly odd about the residents. Most of their old friends from back in the day have forgotten them as if they never existed. It’s not too noticeable at first, until the high school bully comes up to them, only to politely ask whether or not he can take one of their chairs. That being said, they just put it down to him leaving the past behind him and moving on. Only when Simon Pegg’s character goes to the toilets and get into a fight with a youth do they realise the true terror that awaited them back in the pub and the surrounding town. Not to alarm the “blanks”, the five make their way onwards towards the next pub, hoping that if they carry on completing the golden mile, the “blanks” won’t suspect that they know something is going on in Newton Haven.

Watching the film until the moment they get to the town is a little bit tiresome, with Pegg’s character made to seem a loner and a bit of an arse. He was probably meant to be portayed that way, but still.

Once they arrive in the small town, the movie starts to pick up again, paving way to an ending which will remind you of a mix between ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’, fusing comedy with strangeness, the dead and fast paced action. Bring on this sci-fi comedy!

To not give too much away is hard to do, because every few minutes there seems to be something else to add to the ‘spoilers’ list.

Sadly, the familiar scene in each of the Cornetto films, where they eat that specific ice cream, wasn’t in this film. They don’t eat it, unfortunately. Instead, near the end of the film, Nick Frost’s character is standing on a plot of land by a mesh fence, upon which a cornetto wrapper flutters up against, right in front of Frost’s face.

In my opinion, this movie was a fantastic thrill ride through the sort of mayhem you can expect from an edgar Wright film and it’s a definite must-see! When you watch it, keep an eye out for details, no matter how small, as they can add to the big picture. For example, in the background of one scene, there are about 4 or 5 cars, which are all the same type of car, same colour and facing the same way, looking as identical as they can be, but scattered across the car park. The funny thing is that when I left the cinema after watching this, there actually was 4 or 5 cars that were the same colour and were facing the same way, parked exactly the same. The only difference was that they were different makes. It was creepy.

The World's End trailer

Get to your nearest cinema and watch it!


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