‘The Great Gatsby’ – Movie Mistakes


1) While Gatsby drives with Nick he takes his hat off and waves it, then it’s back on, and then back to the previous angle of him waving it.

2) At the Plaza Hotel, Gatsby loses his temper and a strand of hair falls on his forehead. He takes both hands to button his jacket and when the angle changes his hair is brushed. His hands were too busy for him to do it between shots.

3) Right before Myrtle is run over, she runs down the stairs, hair messed up. She stops for a brief second where the angle changes to a close-up, when her hair style changes completely.

4) When Nick and Gatsby talk by the dock at night, and Gatsby talks about the letter he wrote, he is either by a wooden beam or metres away, depending on the angle. This swaps back and forth.

5) After Gatsby tells the story of how he met the sailor there’s a blue shirt on the bed which disappears when he exits the library.

6) During the meal where Gatsby is about to say that he and Daisy are in love (before the trip to NY), Daisy’s fringe is messed up in the wide angles, but perfectly brushed in the close ups. This changes back and forth.

7) While Gatsby says the “you can repeat the past” speech, Nick is standing against a column. Then the shot changes to a wide angle where he starts to walk away. Then, suddenly, the previous angle is used and Nick is back next to the column for the rest of the scene.

8) While Gatsby and Nick talk when the party is over, during the “repeat the past” scene, Nick walks down the steps and a piece of fabric behind him swaps from bright red to dark brown randomly.

9) While driving the yellow car, Gatsby flashes his business card at the cop, whose head swaps between looking sideways or straight ahead depending on the angle, no continuity whatsoever.

10) After the barber shop scene, Jordan tells Nick about the tea date. While she talks, there’s a side angle where her lips are totally out of sync with the audio.

11) When the doctor tells Nick to write the story, the pen’s position differs between the close-up and wide angles from being in a 5 o’clock or 12 o’clock position.

12) Meyer meets Nick and places his hand on his shoulder. A frame later Meyer is standing sideways, several meters away from Nick.

13) Trains of various types appear in several shots but the trains shown – likely all CGI – are completely unlike any trains that were in use in New York in the 1920’s or in any other era. They appear to be based on Australian prototypes and their design differs significantly from American trains.

14) When Tom discovers that he is going to be abandoned by Daisy, he extinguishes his cigar. The grip swaps from holding the tip to being on the middle part of the cigar, between shots.

15) When Gatsby meets Jordan, she is sitting on the sofa holding a magazine with both hands, yet less than a second later she manages to be lying horizontally.

16) When Nick meets Gatsby at the party, the amount of confetti on his shoulder and hair changes between frames, sometimes appearing or disappearing on the same spot, depending on which angle is shown.

17) When Gatsby and Tom are racing (a CGI achieved scene), note that none of the passengers’ hair barely moves, which is totally unrealistic.

18) When Gatsby finishes throwing the shirts at Daisy, the type and amount lying on the floor changes between shots.

19) When Tom and Nick get off the train and go to Wilson’s shop, in a close up of Tom’s face you see him look up toward the window (looking for Myrtle). After that it cuts to a wide shot and you can see Tom in the background repeating what he did in the close up.

20) When Gatsby and Nick are in his car driving to meet Wolfshime, in wide shots you can see that what Leonardo DiCaprio is saying does not match his mouth’s movements.

21) The movie takes place in the summer of 1922. They played Rhapsody in Blue, which wasn’t written till 1924. The bandleader is obviously Cab Calloway. Cab Calloway’s first recordings with the Missourians weren’t until 1928. “Oh! You Have No Idea” also wasn’t recorded until 1928, and it was sung by Sophie Tucker, not Josephine Baker (although they do credit Ms. Tucker in the final credits).

22) The “French” phone shown as they talk about the intrusive unwanted guest calling Tom wasn’t invented until about the mid-30’s. In 1922, you still had to hold the candlestick phone in one hand and talk into the mouthpiece while holding the earpiece up to your ear.

23) Early in the film Tom brings Nick to meet with his mistress Myrtle – and set Nick up for some drinking and debauchery. While waiting for Tom to come out of the bedroom Nick is sitting in a small parlor with Myrtle’s dog. In the first wide shot we see the dog licking an empty plate. Cut to an expression shot of Nick staring awkwardly, then a close-up of the dog – but now a small pile of dog food has appeared on the right side of the plate. Another reaction shot of Nick, then back to the dog – but the food has moved to the left side of his plate.


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