10 Movie Facts. 10 Movies.

The oldest actor in the Harry Potter films who played a student was Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle), who played an 11 year old girl, when in fact, she was actually 45 years old

The catchy quote in the movie Shanghai Noon: “I don’t know karate but I know crazy” is actually a line from a James Brown song.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was filmed in Sweden during one of the coldest winters in over 20 years.

In Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn’s communicator is a redecorated Sensor Excel Razor for Women.

One of the reasons that Hans Solo (Harrison Ford) was frozen in carbonite in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, was because they weren’t sure if Ford would return for a third film.

Avatar is only 40% live action and 60% photo-realistic CGI. The movie’s effects would have heightened the movie budget to $400 million back in 1999, so it was shelved for eight years.

The Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off wasn’t actually a real Ferrari. It was one of three fakes that the studio made up due to the originals being too expensive to buy or rent. During the crash scene, the fiberglass hood ripped, so they had to mask it over, unknowingly to the audience, using tree branches.

During the shoot for the sermon on the mountain scene in The Passion Of The Christ, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus, got struck by lightning. Extras said they saw an illumination around his whole body. Amazingly, he wasn’t seriously injured.

Angelina Jolie shot nude scenes for The Bone Collector, but the Director said that they detracted away from the story.

The Dark Knight is the first film to not have the word “Batman” in the title


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