The Internship – Movie Review


A film about two energetic, out of work guys who don’t know the first thing about modern technology or Google. The one place that they have just applied for an internship at.
Out of sheer luck of one guy and the quickly made final decision from the main man running the department, the two are on the team of Noogles. If you haven’t seen the film yet, that wasn’t a typo. Noogle is the nickname given to new Google employee’s. It derived from the propeller hats that say ‘Noogle’, which they’re given in the movie when they are on their first day of the job. This goes for real life as well as the film.
Before going to see this film, I had heard some bad things about it, but putting those aside, I went into the cinema with a fresh look in mind. Halfway through the movie, I was wondering if it was actually going anywhere and whether it was going to pick up it’s pace. It struggles with keeping the funny from being annoying. Especially considering quite a few of the characters are either not very friendly, or just plain annoying.


It’s quite strange with this movie, as part of me is telling mw it was a bad movie with barely any point in making it, apart from it bringing revenue to Google and showing the world just how successful they really are. The other part of me is saying that it was an awesome movie that doesn’t have to have a point, as it was just a funny dilm that chases a dream of half of the geeks out there. I, myself, would be one of them. The movie has really made me consider applying for a job at Google and has also make me really badly want a Pizza!
Overall, the movie, even though people said it was terrible, turned out quite well and I’d recommend you to take a chance on this and have a watch. So now, go and Google your nearest cinema and check those times, before running to the theatre, grabbing a popcorn and watching the movie!


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