Back To The Future – Did You Know These Facts?

Crispin Glover did not return for the Back To The Future sequels. George Mcfly was played by a different actor, Jeffrey Weissman, who wore prosthetics to make him look like Glover and old footage was reused.

Glover sued the company for this and won a settlement, which then in turn led to a new set of rules for the Screen Actors Guild in regard to illicit use of actors.

While filming with Eric Stoltz was taking place on Bushnell Avenue in South Pasadena (George McFly’s house), Fox had been working on Teen Wolf on the same street, and the actor recalled seeing the crew and saying that he wished he could be in a Spielberg movie someday.

The opening scene was shot at Universal stage 12. Producer Bob Gale (Used Cars, Back to the Future Part II/III) called the shot of all the clocks a “pain in the ass” because of the necessary intricate camera movement; they are an homage to (“or rip off of”) The Time Machine [1960]. The original script (written by Gale and Zemeckis) had the film climaxing at a nuclear test site in Mexico; in the opening, Marty was to have been watching a documentary about those events. The classroom set where it was to be shot was built, but after Fox was recast they realized the scene was not needed. (Additionally, Fox was only available half days and they were trying to cut the budget wherever possible.)

It was “an unusual choice” at the time to use the same actors to play young and old. They did a lot of make-up tests with lighting to make sure no one looked “too make-upy.” In the end a combination of latex and make-up was used. Lea Thompson (Lorraine) said, “You had to go in early, they’d lay glue and add on pieces…it takes hours and hours and smells bad. Then they paint.” Thompson played a practical joke on her mother (who was staying at Thompson’s home); the actress drove home in her aged make-up and caused her mother to “gasp.”

Getting the shots of the photo in the neck of Marty’s guitar was “impossible,” so Industrial Light and Magic built a giant guitar neck, blew up the photo and that’s how they got the shot. The plutonium box was “fairly accurate. The prop man had a guy come to show him how it would be stored and carried around.”

People “always ask the significance of the DeLorean needing to reach 88 mph,” but there is none.

The character name of Doc, Emmett Lathrop Brown, contains some secret clues. Emmett is a phoenetic representation of “time” spelled backwards, and Lathrop, is, basically, portal in reverse.

The bearded band in the Wild West of Back to the Future 3 was ZZ Top. In the film, they play their song “Doubleback”, which they contributed to the soundtrack.

There’s a scene in Part 3, in which “Mad Dog” Tanner hangs Marty. In fact, Fox got caught up in the rope and was rendered unconscious for a time.

In Part 2, Biff finds a sports almanac in the future, which says the 1997 World Series was won by a team in Florida. At the time, there was no team in Florida, but in 1997, the Florida Marlins entered the Major Leagues.


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