Jug Face – Trailer Review


Just based on watching the trailer to this, it looks very bad. A movie that has the storyline that everyone is being dominated by a mud pit doesn’t seem very entertaining to me.

In this movie, apparently “The pit wants what it wants”, as the tagline goes. There is a strange pit with some muddy water at the bottom and it is apparently holding some kind of weird presence over the community as it ‘wants’ people or faces, or jugs…it’s hard to tell exactly WHAT it wants. It’s a very confusing looking movie, and I don’t mean from the aspect of ‘Inception’ confusing. I mean very confusing. The trailer nor the movie information seem to say why this pit of mud wants what it wants. Nothing tells us much, apart from we know that a very stiff looking woman who is pregnant, and a weird old man, are wandering around, talking to people throughout the movie. Oh and then the woman seems to be possessed. It’s like they tried to make a horror, mixed with a film idea they came up with when they were drunk, and failed miserably and so decided that they would make it a slightly creepy movie that has no real point, whatsoever.

Just from watching the trailer, I give this movie a 2/10 rating. It has no meaning, the actors seem to be vague about what is happening too and will all probably die before the movie is over. If you see this, then just remember, I warned you. It might be good, but it does seem a very poorly written film overall, which includes every aspect of the dull plot.


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