Johnny Depp To Step Back Into The Role Of The Hatter


After the flop of ‘The Lone Ranger’, Depp is in talks with Disney, locking in a deal with Disney to secure him the role of the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice In Wonderland 2’.

Set to hopefully top or equal the success of the first film, Disney and Depp have James Bobin at the helm this time around, not Tim Burton.


It is strange that Tim Burton didn’t want to take up the opportunity of this second film, but it may be that he had other works in production, or that he would prefer his own work on Wonderland to be a one hit wonder, and not direct another. Either way, we are sure that Bobin will create an ultimately superb and fantastical look into the world of the Hatter, with Depp as the man himself causing tons of havoc in the process of making a brilliantly entertaining movie.

Hopefully this film makes us smile, and if not, at least Mr Depp will plaster a grin across our faces. Bring on the Futterwacken.


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