20 Movie Facts You Didn’t Know

1. The original title for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy. The names reversed when Paul Newman took on the role of Butch.

2. Dan Akroyd’s original script for Ghostbusters was set in a future where Ghostbusters were everyday figures of society like paramedics and firemen.

3. Tom Cruise is Patrick Bateman’s neighbour in the novel of American Psycho. Christian Bale actually based elements of his performance as Patrick Bateman on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the diminutive star. According to the director, Mary Harron, Bale said he saw “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”.

4. Stanley Kubrick would reportedly call Stephen King at 3am to ask him questions about The Shining. According to King, one famous exchange had the director ask the author, “Do you believe in God?”. When he replied in the affirmative Kubrick yelled “I knew it!” and slammed the phone down.

5. Author Peter Benchley plays the role of a TV reporter in Jaws. Benchley was reportedly thrown off set after continually arguing with Spielberg about the film’s ending.

6. Ronald Reagan was originally announced as the lead for Casablanca. The proclamation turned out to simply be a ruse to keep the actor’s name in the press.

7. The many parts turned down by Sean Connery include roles in The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Indy IV and Blade Runner.

8. Alan Rickman was dropped a second early to get his true reaction to falling from the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard.

9. The sirens heard in the casino scene in Swingers were police on their way to stop the film makers who were shooting without a permit.

10. Pulp members Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway were four of The Weird Sisters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Jason Buckle (All Seeing I) and Steven Claydon (Add n to (x)) completed the line up.

11. Franz Ferdinand were the original choice to play the band at the Hogwarts Yule Ball.

12. Enya was James Cameron’s first choice to compose the music for Titanic.

13. The arty charcoal pic of Kate Winslet’s breasts in Titanic? Drawn by one James Cameron.

14. Alred Hitchcock’s Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.

15. Executive producer of Toy Story and Chief Pixar shareholder Steve Jobs picked Bob Dylan as his first choice to write and perform the soundtrack to the film over Randy Newman.

16. David Fincher asked a stuntman to fall down the stairs 12 times in Fight Club for the fight between Norton and Pitt. He used the first take.

17. Bill Murray would have been Batman. Until Tim Burton came on board Murray was top of the list. Maybe Bill will get a go at the role at some point.

18. Tom Cruise, John Cusack, Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp were all considered for playing the role of Ferris Bueller.

19. In Jurassic Park, when the T-Rex breaks into the car, the children’s screams are real, as it wasn’t supposed to break the glass.

20. Robert Ludlum, the creator of the Jason Bourne series, died while the first Bourne film was in post-production.


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