David Oyelowo In Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar


Even though there were claims that Wes Bentley was the last to be cast in “Interstellar”, two more actors have been added to the list, David Oyelowo and David Gyasi.

Gyasi was recently in ‘Cloud Atlas’ and in the background of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as a ‘Skinny Prisoner’ and appeared alongside Oyelowo in Red Tails, whilst Oyelowo starred in ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘Planet Of The Apes’.

The movie will follow a team of space explorers who find themselves stumbling upon the possibility of time travel when encountering wormholes in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Released in the UK on 23 August 2014

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – Trailer Review


From the amazing mind of Ben Stiller, comes this movie remade with wondrous aspects. The original movie was great, but this new movie will bring something new and fresh to the cinematic world of today. Yes, it will have special effects placed within the movie, but it does it in a way that still makes everything seem normal and untouched. Having only seen the trailer, the movie could completely turn on what we think it will be like from the trailer. Hopefully not though, as this trailer really brings out the great acting of Stiller and his great directing skills. He has transformed the old into the new, catching the eye of new audiences of all ages. I, for one, will be going to see the movie and will probably catch up on the original film as a result.

The trailer starts by showing a man going about his day, organising his clothes for the day, eating breakfast and walking to work. We then see him walking through his place for work, which seems to be ‘Life’ magazine. Mitty peers around a wall, beyond which is a woman who we presume he has feelings for. Then the scene seems to cut into Mitty’s thoughts and shows the woman up close. A rumble from an avalanche happens and the woman ducks, the camera panning around as she turns to see what happened, and sees the office surroundings replaced by a chilly scene of Iceland, with a very cold looking Mitty walking out of the cold, towards her. She doesn’t seem overly too fazed by what happened, almost like it happens once in a while. We then cut back to the office version of Mitty staring towards her direction, with a group of people behind him, staring. Presumably, the front guy is the office bully, or just a friend wanting to get him out of his daydream…hard to say really.


For an unknown reason, we then see a shot of a picture upon a wall, with an Icelandic scene in the picture, along with a man that seems to be moving, gesturing Mitty to him. Mitty then nods, grabs a coat and briefcase, runs past a ‘Life’ poster with himself on it, along with the caption “Making Of A Brave Man”, proceeding then to jump aboard a helicopter, followed by some inspirational looking shots of him flying out of a window, playing ball with some people, skateboarding down a country road, and getting whacked in the face by a foreign looking woman.


Then some more shots of a boat, Mitty presumably jumping from a roof and through a window, a snowy shot and then Mitty jumping from a helicopter into water.

Though the trailer is slightly confusing, the movie does set itself a good look, with the location changes and epic looking scenery.

The movie does seem to have the random quirkiness of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.


I would definitely recommend going to see this film when it comes out, whether it be because you like Ben Stiller’s work, you liked the original movie or you just think that it is going to be a fantastic movie.

Check out the trailer below: