“The Hangover Part 3” Movie Review


First there was Vegas. Then there was Bangkok. Now…back to Vegas!
Yes, their back. Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug. Oh yeah, and Mr Chow too.
Their drunken capers seem to have gotten them into a whole hell of trouble over the past two movies, but this film not only brings more mayhem, but also shows what disaster they left behind after their previous mishaps.

At the start of the film, Mr Chow breaks out of prison, stirring up a whirlwind with a mad man named Marshall. He’ s the man that you steer well away from in a room full of people.

Little do they know, but the four have encountered doings of Marshall’s before. They also brought Mr Chow into his life, wrecking it.

He now wants to find Chow and get his revenge. The four are told that they have 48 hours to find him, or else.
Tracking down their old friend, proves to be a gruelling task, as he persistently evades them one way or another.
Chow ends up living the high life in one of the swankiest hotels on the strip, partying all night long with hot girls.


This movie is a great third and final installment of the Hangover films. It lives up to it being mayhem, and in my eyes, is as amazing as the first film when it comes down to it. Now, I’m a filmmaker myself, so I know the struggles of trying to find good storylines once you have done the best already, and for me they did very well in that aspect. It kept going and kept interjecting humour along the way.

In my opinion, if you liked the other movies, you will love this. I’d say watch the film and see what you think once the last drink has been downed and the last second of the on screen antics is over.

In cinemas now

Here’s a trailer:

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