“A Haunted House” Movie Review


You may be thinking, “Oh great. Another parody of another scary movie”. Well…essentiallt, yes. That is what it is, but it’s a whole lot more than that. See, the way that they made this movie was different, as they kept with the Paranormal Activity feel with a lot of POV and handheld shots. This was to be expected though, as it was a parody. What made it different though was bringing in the comedy aspect of the genre, and nitpicking at things that we have seen previously in the original films and parodying them. For instance, the night scenes where the woman is seen getting out of bed and standing in the same spot, staring, for hours on end? They made it funny. When I saw the PA films, I kept thinking how funny it would be to see the woman dancing, and then lo and behold, this woman does!
From the very first shot of Marlon Wayans talking to camera, we see the usual comedy that comes with him and his brother in films.
I have to admit that although this film was a parody, it did have it’s scary moments. To comedy it up again though, so it wasn’t too much of a comedy horror, they interjected ‘jump’ moments that although normally would have been scary, Wayans magic happened again and made it funny. From passing wind, to gangsters with guns, from homosexual psychics to sexually active demons, this film is a hilarious mix of both comedy and horror.

Would I tell people to see this? Yes. If you want horror, but not bite your fingernails off kind of scary, then this is the movie for that.
You have to bear in mind that this is a parody though and isn’t a full scare filled movie, but in some ways, It’s better than the originals as it doesn’t linger on, making you wait for something to happen. At least this film has comedy to fill that void.

Watch the trailer for “A Haunted House” here:


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