“Man Of Steel” Movie Review


Having not seen many of the Superman films, three now to be exact, I feel somewhat oblivious to the world of the superhero. Yes, I know that he works at the Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane and has some strange effect on people that stops them recognising him, just by taking a trip to Specsavers and buying some Brylcreem, but that is one of the biggest aspects of the hero, that I know about. I have watched Smallville and know of Lex Luthor too, but they don’t appear overly too much in this new film. There are, however, mentions of these two within the film. Smallville is seen on a watertower in one shot and Lex Luthor is mentioned on the side of a lorry, above a sign that says Smallville. They are just two tiny details in a whole film of explosions and heroism.
So, the man of steel himself? He still looks the same, thank god. No one in the industry has decided to go for a light haired man or some other major change in the way he looks. The outfit is the same, the S shape more prominent than ever…although we find out in this film what the S shape actually stands for, in case you didn’t already know.
Taking up the story from the very beginning, we find out all the back stories that we never really saw before in the other Superman films. We see a better insight into the lives of the civilians on Krypton and we see our hero’s parents up close and personal, finding out the emotions they experienced when sending their baby shooting off into the universe, hurtling towards Planet Earth with uncontrollable speed. The movie makers seem to have skipped the part of the story where we see the pod crash to the ground and startle the couple that take in the alien baby. Instead, we see the pod fly through space, crash landing into earth abruptly and then cutting just as abruptly to a fishermans boat in the middle of the ocean.
The story then pans out that he saves some people, giving us the impression that he has figured out that he has powers and has honed them. We also see the man of steel discover a spaceship, hidden under 18,000 year old ice. Events happen and people get scared, before an unknown ship enters airspace, and creates panic of an impending attack. Superman becomes the weapon against the human race as he is asked to hand himself over to the ship in the sky.
Superman and Lois fight against the villains and have to save the world, creating an epic adventure of awesome proportions.
Overall, the visual effects, cinematography and scripting within this film are better than expected. By far, some of the best mixture of CGI, green screening and reality I have seen in a long while.
If I were to give this film a 10/10? I would probably go for an 8, as I don’t often get sucked in to a storyline to a film like this or feel as enthralled with a lack of exhaustion from a movie in this genre.

All in all, I’d recommend this film as it’s a great watch and really brings to life the story of Superman, from birth to his saving of the Earth for the very first time. It takes him a fair chunk of the screen time to save it, but…that’s what you get for being a superhero with a beard like a metal field of wires that seems to be easily shaven with an ordinary razor, as in one scene he is going for the scruffy look and the next, he has a face as smooth as the surface of a bowling ball.

‘Man Of Steel’ is out now in cinemas.

Check out the trailer here:


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